Dabringer Edith  Wenns im Pitztal



The center of the water world is the Kneipp facilities with hand, foot and step basin. Water lovers can have fun at the adjacent lake. The scenery is framed by the views of the Wildspitze, the highest Tyrolean mountain. In the background crashes one of the most powerful waterfalls in the Pitz Valley , the Klockelefall, over the cliffst. He looks spectacular in the evenings when the waterfall is illuminated with 14 special lamps.


The mill from the 18th century was brought from its slumber by a dedicated mill community of interest. It is situated in the Arzler hamlet of Ried and is considered as a technical monument of the centuries-powered grain processing in the alpine regions. Visits on request, dial +43 (0) 5412 65049 or 64812.


The geologically remarkable structures are located in the Arzler District Wald. These were formed by leaching and weathering: the deposited stones pressed the loamy soil that towers up to natural sculptures several meters high.


The former Pitzenklamm bridge connects at a height of 94 meters Arzl with the district Wald. It was named after the ski - double Olympic champion Benjamin Raich, who comes from this village. Since 1997, the bridge is used as a bridge for bungee jumpers.


The ancient cultural trail runs through the Gurgltal since 50 AD. Built by the Romans the road leads from Northern Italy and the Reschenpass to Nassereith and continue over the Fern Pass to Augsburg. In the Middle Ages the Holy Roman Emperors also took it on his way to Rome; Ruts can still be seen today. Not to mention: the route over the Fern Pass is one of the most beautiful bridges in Europe, the Fernstein bridge. A dream for cyclists!